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TESSA is Argyll and Bute’s Rape Crisis’s Youth Project for young people of secondary school age. We provide information and options on a variety of subjects for young people. We strive to raise awareness of various topics aimed at meeting the needs of our young people today. Tessa aims to provide young people with a fun and personal environment to explore their views and attitudes to subjects that cause concern and affect them every day. They have the opportunity of a safe platform to have an honest and open discussion on subjects that can have far reaching and sometimes devastating consequences for them, their families and their friends.

Our range of age appropriate, interactive workshops are a rolling programme within the school’s curriculum. They are designed to be emotionally engaging, challenging and impactful in terms of delivering key messages to young people on various topics such as, Sexual bullying/harassment, Internet safety, Cyber bullying, Sexual abuse, Gender Stereotyping, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem and Body image, Internet Grooming, Consent, Commercial Sexual Exploitation and the normalisation of Inappropriate Sexualised Behaviour.

What do we do?
We empower young people to be safe, respectful and responsible citizens. Encourage active participation. We encourage critical thinking by engaging the young people in group discussions. We challenge, inappropriate/ normalised behaviour and discuss how these arise from myths and beliefs. We ask them to consider the opinions they have come to have. We give and explain facts in their language. We help them discover and develop skills that they may need along life’s highway to avoid the many possible perils. We encourage young people to be responsible for themselves their friends and their families and whilst in their communities. We ask whole schools to be involved in the process, parents, teachers and young people. We encourage self-expression on and off line. We ask them to consider situations that may arise and to develop safety plans for if they do experience difficulties. We look at their identity, who they are on and off line. Encourage young people to be smart about what they post and where and when. We ask them to consider the feelings and motivation of others.
If during these workshops issues arise Tessa provides free and confidential support for young people and we aim to provide them with a plan and tools to keep themselves their families and their classmates safe.

All Tessa workers are CEOP (child exploitation on line protection) trained, some to ambassador level, and are continuing their personal and professional development to keep themselves up to date by embarking on SQA qualifications to become CEOPS Advocates.
We run Parents Evenings in all of the schools that we deliver our workshops. This is an opportunity to ask questions and meet the workers.




Girls Helpline

0800 121 4685
10am – 12noon

Thursday & Friday
7pm – 9pm

Boys Helpline

0800 032 0399
10am – 12noon

Thursday & Friday
7pm – 9pm

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