Cyber Bullying &  Safety Tips 


Cyber Bullying is never OK and YOU need to know how to keep safe whilst using technology. 

Many pupils are being targeted with cyber-bullying in their own homes, by phone texts, silent calls, on instant messenger and by abusive websites and forums set up to cause humiliation and embarrassment.

Fortunately, no matter how careful the bully is to cover his/her tracks, there is no hiding place in cyberspace and the police can track digital fingerprints to an individual computer or mobile phone.

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Cyber crime is another issue which is causing concern. Never give anyone information about yourself which identifies you, so never tell them your real name, your address, where you go to school, never give them your phone number and NEVER, EVER arrange to meet them on your own or with a friend. If they ask you not to tell parents about their contact with you then that's good reason for wondering what they are up to !

Never tell anyone your bank account detalis or your parents account detalis or any passwords. Make sure you change your log-in detalis regulary. Be cyber savvy!!!!


  • Never tell anyone your bank account details; you can't  be sure where they are going

  • Check your Privacy Settings
  • Choose your pictures carefully.... its going into Cyber space . If you publish a picture or video online about yourself or about your friend -anyone can change it or share it.

  • Block any contacts you do not know... because your "16 year old friend"may not be who they appear to be.

  • It's easier to get on with people online and say stuff you would not offline.
  • Secure your wireless network settings click here form more info

There are people who can help. Report online abuse. Look out for this icon on other websites. This means that you can report abuse directly to CEOP(Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) from those sites.

Report Abuse click to icon

Remember you can report bullying online !